Halloween Ride

October 31st, 2009 by hughillustration

Halloween is the ride of the year. If I was going to make just one Critical Mass ride in a year, this would be it. I’d say 70% of the people on the ride were in costume, which just adds an element of fun and unpredictability to the ride. What would happen if we dressed up every month?

Note: There’s an interesting comment from a bus rider who doesn’t like what he saw tonight..

I came late because I was working on my costume (I was a conspiracy theorist — complete with tinfoil hat). I caught up with the ride turning south off of Market at around 4th street. We rode through SoMa, then up Van Ness — at which point you could see a line of bikes all the way up the hill through the creeping fog. Then we did the tunnel, which is not so bad if you approach it from this direction going down hill.

This placed us downtown again, and after a few more turns the ride ended up in the Mission — skipping the Castro for some reason — and I peeled off to hit an after party at Grace’s place in Bernal.

At the party I met a real conspiracy theorist. It was strange to be wearing a tinfoil hat and be arguing with someone who has the opposite view of mine concerning who planned and executed 9/11. Smart guy, really knew his stuff. Made me wonder if I should go back down the rabbit hole.

Back home, I sat down at my computer at about 11:00. I heard music outside and saw a group of about 20 bikes strolling past my window — looked like it was ‘Deep and friends.

Adam took some photos — hope he can post those soon!


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