20th Anniversary Photo Contest and Slideshow Slam

Deadline Extended to 3 pm ToDAY!

1. Photo submissions must celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Critical Mass in San Francisco (“CM20SF”), CA. Only photographs made during and about CM20SF (Sept. 23-29, 2012) will be included.

2. Submissions must be sent to sfcm20photo@gmail.com by Saturday September 29th 3:00pm. (Photos sent later will not be included.) Please include NAME and CITY OF ORIGIN.

3. 1 to 20 photos maximum per participant will be accepted. (Should more than 20 be sent, then only the first 20 will be included.) Please make this easy on us, and send attachments in as few emails as possible.

4. Each participant will be judged by her or his submitted body of work. To this end, each participant will be assigned an IDENTIFYING NUMBER.

5. Photos will be presented in a looping slideshow during the International Critical Mass Symposium, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission (at 11th), Rooms 303 and 304, (FREE EVENT) 5-7pm.

6. A ballot box will be placed in the room where the photos are being projected. Attendees to the International Critical Mass Symposium may cast their vote from 5-7 pm by writing down the IDENTIFYING NUMBER of their favorite participant. The result of the contest will be determined by a vote count. The vote count will begin at 7pm sharp.

7. From 7-8pm a SLIDESHOW SLAM will take place, while votes are being counted. The PHOTO SLAM will consist in an open mic, in front of the looping slideshow.

8. During the SLIDESHOW SLAM, anyone may sign-up to speak, but will be granted ONLY 5 minutes to speak their mind. (Translation will not be provided, but speak in whatever language or format you wish). At the end of the 5 minutes, the speaker will immediately pass the microphone to the next signed-up speaker.

9. At the end of the SLIDESHOW SLAM, the WINNING BODY OF WORK will be announced. The final decision may not be appealed. If the winning photographer is not in the room at the time that the winner is announced, then the first place will be granted to the “body of work” with the second most votes, and so on.

10. The PRIZE of this SLIDESHOW SLAM is to be determined. It will be a surprise!