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Bike Borrowing, Lending, and Renting


Rentals and Repair: The Bike Hut
Special Critical Mass 20th anniversary rental deal: $75/week (includes lock and helmet) or $15/day (in both cases reservations required, please call ahead)
40 The Embarcadero at Townsend St.
(415) 543-4335

Bike Repair: http://www.bikekitchen.org

Need a Bike?
If you’d like us to try and find you a bike to use please fill out the Bike Request form.

Have a Bike to Lend?
If you have a bike you can lend please fill out the Loaner Bike form.

Hey, Bike Borrower!
We are doing our best to recycle, fix and find bikes for everyone who needs one. But YOU should bring a few things to make your ride better and safer. You wouldn’t borrow a bike without bringing your own pants, right?!?

    A lock!! You will be responsible for theft of your loaner bike. It can be a bad city for bike theft, so bring two locks if you have ’em!
    A hat and/or helmet if you like. It is NOT the law for adults to ride with helmets in California, so this is up to you.
    A light White front and red rear lights are essential for night riding on crowded streets after dark. And it is the law.
    A windbreaker or vest. San Francisco weather is very fickle, so locals always pack and wear layers of clothing, to be prepared for scorching heat to freezing winds and fog, all on the same day within a few hours of each other!!

Lastly, if you REALLY want to be ready to ride around or out of town, bring a pump, tire levers, patch kit, and a mini tool… But we’ll have folks ready to help fix and adjust your bike too, so you don’t have to be entirely self-sufficient!