Shift Happens! Links

Critical Mass links around the world (by chapter)

The following links can be used to get more information on themes, events, organizations, and other stuff appearing in Shift Happens!

The Great European Bike Love Link (Italy/France)

CiclOfficine Popolari


La page d’accueil des cyclofficines d’Île de France

Cyclown Circus!

“Alegria Entre Tus Piernas”: To Conquer Madrid’s Streets

Okupaciones en Movimiento

Centro Social Seco

Patio Maravillas


Masa Crítica Buenos Aires

Critical Mass Buenos Aires December 2010

Masa Crítica Buenos Aires

La Fabricicleta

La CocoVilla Barrio de Barro

Delironautas en Oniriciclos

Viajeros de los Vientos


Let’s Take Back Rome!

Critical Mass Roma

Ciemmona Critical Mass INTERPLANETARIA

Critical Mass is Dead. Long Live Critical Mass! (São Paulo)

apocalipse motorizado

Bicicletada Brazil



Transporte Ativo

Vá de Bike



Escola da Bicicleta


Coletivo Ecologia Urbana

Igual Você


San Francisco in A Coruña

Anthropological Research on the Contemporary Studio

Prototyping: A Sociology in Abeyance

“Green Book Toward a New Culture of Urban Mobility”

The Blind Spot

Critical Mass Shanghai

People’s Bike: Shanghai Urban Cycling

We all want to be young in China

Always—A beautiful demonstration of the bicycle

Bikes on the Frontline—Syria

Putting the ‘Critical’ in Critical Mass

“How to Make a Critical Mass”

“The Dictatorship of Postfeminist Imagination”

Is Critical Mass Bad or Good for Biking?

Guadalajara (Mexico): A Critical Mass of Associated Citizens

Guadalajara en bici

Urban Earth Initiative—Mexico City Walk

Guadalajara on foot

Nomadic Park 2

Nomadic Park 3

Citizen Council for Sustainable Transport Guadalajara

Campamento In-formativo Ciudadano

Via Express Promotional Video

Via Express Rebuttal Video

Auto Maceta

Carfree Mexico

Ciclovía ciudadana

DIY ciclovía

Guadalajara for Sustainable Transport

Positive Symbols and High Optimism in Budapest

Magyar Kerékpárosklub

Hungarian Cycle Chic

Szociális Bringa Program

Bringakonyha Budapest

Cycling Solution Budapest

And Still We Ride: A Decade of Critical Mass in Prague, Czech Republic

World Carfree Network


Reduce Reuse Recycle

Critical Bike Ride and 30 Years of Mass Bicycle Demonstrations in Helsinki

Kriittinen pyöräretki 13.9.2011 Helsinki

Operaatio Jääsota Helsinki

Talvikriittinen Helsinki

Critical Mass Puerto Rican Style

La primera Masarranda del Mundo

El Paseo Nocturno and Bicitekas (Mexico DF)

Bicitekas | Ciclistas Urbanos de la Ciudad de México

Building a Biking Community with Critical Mass Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA – Critical Mass

Baton Rouge Advocates for Safe Streets

“Critical Mass” song

Naples Critical Mass

BiciZen Naples

Critical Mass Napoli

A Tumultuous Ride: NYC Critical Mass

“Best Disruption of Traffic”

NY Daily News

RNC NYC Critical Mass

Portland’s Critical Mass: Policed to Death?

Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling

London Critical Mass

House of Lords Judgment

Good Times and Plastic Smiles in Dubai, Mapping the Invisibles in France

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Undocumented Seeds and People Stories | P.E.D.A.L.

International Solidarity: Bikes as Creative Response

P.E.D.A.L. | 100 Days to Palestine


Take a Bike to Ecotopia (Take a Car to Hell)

Ecotopia Biketour

CM@20: Revolution in the Street

China embraces freedom of the road