Route for Friday’s Mass — the 7 Beaches of SF!

May 26th, 2010 by hughillustration

The amazing Santosh has put together a suggested route map for Friday’s ride — a tour of the 7 beaches of San Francisco! Print a copy for yourself, print a bunch to hand out before the ride!

Click to view/download PDFs!

May 2010 Full Page Flyer PDF
May 2010 4-Up Flyer PDF

21 Responses to “Route for Friday’s Mass — the 7 Beaches of SF!”

  1. meligrosa says:

    cool map. l’ll repost it for this friday on the bloggies 😀

  2. rcpeters says:

    Not sure how I feel about maps being published at a centralized location. Kind of changes my perception of the ride if I know where the mass is headed.

    Regardless I’ll print out the maps and give it go 🙂 maybe I’ll like directions.

  3. In the future, we could do route scouting trips that everyone is invited to. That way it doesn’t seem like it’s “coming down from on high.” In any case, this map comes from someone I barely know who just volunteered it, and I am posting it for him. Very cool!


  4. shhhhh says:

    It *is* a cool map– hand-drawn, not machine-drawn– and a fun route that could take The Mass to parts of San Frisky we don’t see (and that don’t see us!) often enough.

    The only concern i have about route-making ahead of time– besides the *perception* of insider/anti-democratic behavior within CM, addressed by H. above– is how the *perception* of having an (“official/allowed”?) route ahead of time will affect the behavior of the street gang in dark blue vis-a-vis The Mass…. It is a fact that Chief Gascon and other SFPD brass (and some of the footsoldiers, as well) are Mass-haters who would relish a “new” way to try to make CM unfun enough to make it diminish and (in their dreams) disappear.

    That all said, The Mass has always been an ongoing experiment in creating fun and joy, in taking opportunities for making the city (any city) more livable, more humane and human-scaled, more beatiful.

    So, let’s experiment….


  5. Jym says:

    =v= I hope there’s no BP/Arco oil washing up on those beaches.

  6. b5125125 says:

    I don’t understand the po po haters. The president gets escorted and sometimes when you die you get one. I don’t plan on being in the white house anytime soon and hope not to die for another fifty years. So take advantage of this and ride like king through your own city.

    As for map it gives you a general idea of rides route and helps you plan ahead for people aren’t from the city like me.

  7. criticalFAIL says:

    I see you’re soliciting illegal behavior! What a shock! You people are a bunch of brats. Hope the cops bust your asses for boozing it up tomorrow! If Gascon brings the hammer down on you guys most of SF will celebrate!

  8. stacy says:

    riding bikes together is soliciting illegal behavior? oh puhleeze.

  9. Rockin Ed says:

    Great to see the map! Everyone seemed to be lost on the previous ride. Way to step up CM, keep up the good work! I will be driving from Santa Clara with some San Jose Bike Party riders. We are looking forward to another great ride. Woo Hoo!

  10. Rockin Ed says:

    One more comment for criticalFAIL’s post above, relax! Have you ever gotten out of your gas guzzling car and tried to ride a bike. It is actually fun. We have equal rights to the road too. Lighten up and get a life, stop complaning! You now know where the route will be so stay out of the way!

  11. RapidRobert says:

    It’s great to see a general route published ahead of time, as is done by the San Jose Bike Party. They announce each month’s route 24 hours in advance, so riders know where the ride will be going. Makes it easier to plan the evening. Makes it easier to catch up if late, or rejoin if you get a flat. Makes it easier for the police to help us. Keeps the mass together. A concentrated mass is a happy mass. A predictable ride, with possible spurious diversions, will make it a better time for everyone.

  12. Brendan says:

    South on 3rd St. from Market? That’ll be a neat trick. No maps, that’s weak.

  13. I'llPass says:

    Brilliant idea. You gave the cops a heads up. They will be waiting at Ocean Beach ready to bust people drinking any alcohol or burning unapproved wood (it has to be wood that was sold to be burned – no trash wood is allowed.

  14. Sean H says:

    Id like to see someone ride that whole route with a stack of firewood! See you all out there!

  15. Anon says:

    “I will be driving from Santa Clara…”

    You’re doing it wrong.

  16. Chris Carlsson says:

    that southward turn on the northbound 3rd Street is a gaffe… well, we can just take 4th Street instead, no?

  17. susanne says:

    Sucks for those of us with asthma who live near the beach, along with birds and other animals who don’t like to breath wood smoke.

  18. MassEr says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me where I can find cheap parking near the starting point? Thanks.

  19. CriticalAss says:

    Great. Now the public transportation bus I have to take home will be delayed for 3 hours. But that’s all good…it’s not like it just sits there idling the whole time. Way to go guys, way to go.

  20. Mike says:

    Unfortunately the person who created this map didn’t realize that people are also planning on going to the BP/Arco station at Fell & Divis.

  21. Dave says:

    I like the published map and the route along the waterfront. As a biker, the map helped me join in last Friday even though I was running late. I also prefered this more scenic route, and getting away from the car traffic. Thanks everyone!