Great editorial in SF Examiner!

September 27th, 2012 by LisaRuth

Read about the power of cycling in the event that has its birthday tomorrow. And come out to join thousands (?) of cyclists—around the world—celebrating on Friday at 5:30 PM at Justin Herman Plaza!

5 Responses to “Great editorial in SF Examiner!”

  1. rotafixa says:

    this is my “cheers!” for 20th.

    sorry, is in italian, maibe cauz, marmaz or other italians there fothe ride can translate.

    love u all.

  2. Chou says:

    Too many angry bicylists in SF. Don’t stop at stop signs, get angry when people honk because they are trying to warn bicyclists that they might get hit because the bicyclists do not stop at stop signs. You should work to tell these angry people that gaining peace is part of the bicylce experience. Showing how angry you are just makes you look like a brat.

  3. Justin says:

    Hey Chou – I’m a bicyclist and I consider honking at bicyclists to be angry behavior. Please don’t do it. You’re not warning the bicyclists – you’re honking because you’re angry that they didn’t stop at the sign. I’m not excusing their behavior if they took your right of way but let’s be honest about why you’re honking.

  4. Antonio Perales del Hierro says:

    Wow! There sure is a helluvalot of bitching in the first part of this blog about “being led to the same old places”…and which could/should have come second to a great writeup as intro, such as I have seen in the print media, and in other Crit Mass websites. It reads rather self-indulgently ike someone just now learning about human nature. We could have been spared that. It’s a hell of an invitation to take part in an important new social phenomena. I was intending to put Critical Mass on my blogroll, and I probably still will do so…