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20th Anniversary Poster by Mona Caron!

May 23rd, 2012 by hughillustration

The incredible muralista and illustrator Mona Caron has just produced a new poster to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Critical Mass in September. Check it out! Details on how you can get a copy of the poster are below.

This poster is actually a sequel of sorts. In 2002, she created a now legendary poster for the 10th anniversary, featuring a winged angel bicyclist. This image circulated around the world, was reproduced widely, and many thousand copies of the poster were gifted, sold and collected. Here’s the 2002 version:

People will be coming to San Francisco from Critical Mass rides around the world for the September ride. A small group of us are planning a full week of events to welcome our visitors and to celebrate the start of Critical Mass right here in San Francisco in 1992. (We’ll post details of the events as we have them!) Sales of this and other upcoming posters will be used to fund these activities. If you have questions, want to get involved, or if you are planning your own celebratory event, please get in touch!

Mona’s poster is available in a few options:

• Download a free jpg for your phone or desktop from our Flickr page

• Buy one here!

Posters will be shipped via USPS in a cardboard tube. Shipping is $9 in the US, $17 outside the US. Please note: We will be sending the first shipments in early July! Please be patient.