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Halloween Critical Mass!

October 29th, 2011 by hughillustration

Many people have asked me, “Hugh, how was the Halloween Critical Mass? Did it suck?” My answer is an emphatic “No! It did not suck!”

Photographic evidence below. If you have more evidence of fun last night (photos, video, audio?) leave some links in the comments!

Photos on our Flickr stream!

November 5th, 2009 by hughillustration

Adam Aufdencamp is a fantastic photographer and bike activist who has been documenting the ride for years now. Sadly, his bottomless collection of Mass photos disappeared from Flickr recently — possibly as the result of a vast, anti-Mass conspiracy. For now he has posted a few of his favorites on the SFCriticalMass flickr stream, and they do a great job of capturing the feel of the ride!




These are currently listed with a ©, but this will be changing soon to a CC non-commercial/attribution license so that you can post them to your blog any time you’re writing about Critical Mass. And if you’re looking for other CC-licensed Critical Mass art, check out my Flickr stream as well!

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